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We are istanbul jigolos Nadia And Komanche. Hi everybody.
We have been living in istanbul for a long time.
We love Istanbul very much. Here we provide jigolo service to you. our ages are 19 and 20
We do everything but no anal cinsellik.
We meet at 5 stars hotels across Istanbul but maybe we can prefer your residance.
We are from Greece and we love Turkish people.
i sik blonde hair and skinny who is Nadia and Komanche is Black hair and düzgüsel.
Please call us on whatsapp for information and appointment.
We are waiting for you.
Thats all right now. Good days.

5 Ekim 2021 istanbulistanbul jigolo1 Comment istanbul jigolo girls

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Joe dedi ki:

9 Ekim 2021, 14:06

Hello, are you available now? Where are you located


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